If your goal is to develop a system and tool set to steadily improve at Sporting Clays, run, don’t walk, to Break Point Management Shooting School. Perfectionist and gentleman Bob Mastroianni brings years of experience and success as a shooter and NSCA Level II instructor to the classroom and field. The same goal orientation, dedication, and perseverance that Bob developed in martial arts has translated perfectly to his work in the shooting sports.

We’ve worked with ten previous instructors, with less than limited improvement, and were on the verge of dropping the sport when Bob was recommended to us.

At Break Point, we began in the classroom discussing goals, checking eyes and gun fit, followed by an explanation of the Break Point Management system. Out at Five Stand, Bob began taking us through various presentations, and the corresponding methods to take the targets.

After a few sessions, it became obvious and second nature that we were developing basic skills and tools to take virtually any target on the course. No more bewilderment, panic and frustration. Our confidence and scores are on the rise, we thoroughly enjoy the sport, and look forward to every visit to the course or registered shoot.

If you think a logical approach and an intuitive system sounds about right, can commit to a series of lessons (think golf, tennis, piano etc) and do the (homework) you’ll make no better investment than the Break Point Management system.

In fact, if you’re considering Break Point Management, and would like to learn more about our experience, feel free to call us at 401-808-9126.

Pete and Lianne Nikitas



Bob has improved my game ten fold. After taking a few lessons I improved so much that my shooting mates started to call me “Little Bobby”. It would be worth your time to take a few lessons from him.
Linda T.
Training sessions have been an invaluable part of my lesson plan, they took me faster to the next level than any other part of my training. I would not be where I am today without Bob and these training sessions. Bob and I still train this way even today.
Patti Mastroianni


I have been shooting for about a year, had never taken any lessons, just watched tip videos online and tried some of the suggestions other shooters would give while at the range. I’d have days where I would shoot great, 41 out of 50, and then I would shoot a 28 out of 50. It was extremely frustrating to do so well, and then have the bottom fall out from under me. But now, I’ve found the person that can help anyone put it together and show them all the right techniques so that when all of those fundamentals are working, you don’t have to think about breaking the bird, it just happens like its automatic.

Bob at Break Point Management Shooting is invaluable. In just a couple hours he showed me some basic fundamentals that I didn’t know, or wasn’t applying correctly. The changes he showed me made a night and day difference for me. I highly recommend Bob to anyone looking to improve or understand how they shoot. He took the time to understand my physiology as a shooter and showed me what my body was doing during a shot that I never realized. He worked to find my eye dominance rating and just gave me a basic fundamentals foundation that has increased my consistency and confidence. I can also understand better WHY I missed a bird, AND I know how to correct it. For all we invest on the equipment in this sport, so many don’t invest in themselves. Maybe they forget that breaking the bird hinges 99.9% on themselves, and 0.1% on there gun.

Thanks again Bob,
Mitchell Hickok


Before I signed up for these classes I really thought I was a pretty good shooter. I would shoot scores in the 70’s to mid 80’s depending on the course. I noticed that I was not consistent and as I moved up in class the competition was getting tougher. What I also noticed was that I was not being honest with myself, my ego was bigger than my ability. I thought that if I went out and shot more and more targets that I would get better. Then I realized that all I was doing was getting better at doing things the wrong way. The bottom line here is I’m not as good and competitive as I thought I was. After taking these training sessions with Bob I have become more consistent and confident in the shooting box and my scores show it. My advice to anyone out there is to leave your ego at home and take these training sessions you just might find the answer to what you have been looking for. I know I did.
Thanks Bob!



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