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What can you expect from a shooters clinic?

You can expect to learn the mechanics and philosophies of shotgunning, study the proven and discuss the hypothetical.   You can also expect to shoot, be coached, improve your skills and break more targets.   Half of your day is spent in the classroom and half on the range.   We have developed a curriculum that allows us to better understand your goals and tailor our discussion and instructions to your needs.   All of our students learn differently, associate differently and communicate differently; we focus on being aware, being available and being responsive to your needs.  Our clinics give you the foundation needed to become a better shooter.

Here are some of the topics and information covered:

Safe Gun Handling.
Different shotgun disciplines – what targets are used and the characteristics of each.
Select your equipment – shotguns, clothing, eyewear and hearing protection. Learn what works for you.
Understand your options – choosing chokes, shot size and loads and using them to your advantage.
Shooting methods – pull away, swing thru and sustained lead.
Learn how to develop, setup and execute your plan before you pull the trigger.
We will work with you to understand the mechanics and why they are important!

Gun mount – how to perfect it.
Focal point, hold point, intercept point and break point – what and where are they ????
Develop your own plan; following the leader may not always be the right thing to do.
Gun ”fit” – does your gun fit you?
Point of impact – Is your gun shooting where you look?
What patterning your gun teaches you.
Why bore diameters change your shot performance.
How “lead” is seen differently by everyone.
Eye dominance and why it is crucial.
We encourage you to ask lots of questions! We want you to learn as much as possible. Meeting your goals is very important to us and when you ask questions we better understand where you are and where you want to go. We also limit our class size to 6 people, smaller sessions mean a more personal experience and this helps keep the focus on you.

Your day takes you from the classroom to the range, with a stop for lunch. Each day begins at 8:30 am with registration and class will start at 9:00 am sharp. Your range time starts after lunch and you will shoot approximately 100 targets, so bring plenty of shells, and sun block! Your day ends between 4:00 – 4:30 PM. Clinics are held rain or shine, so consider bringing your rain coats and hats if the weather is questionable.

Women and junior clinics are available upon request. We also offer Personal lessons, group lessons, corporate outings and employee appreciation days – all available at our club or yours.

We will also design clinics to meet your needs. Call Bob to set up your clinic.

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