Target Setting

Target Setting

When you have a tournament or fun shoot do you find yourself struggling to set a variety of new and interesting target presentations? Are you having a difficult time balancing the course to accommodate the varying levels of your shooters? Let us help, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with a new and interesting course that will appeal to all levels of shooters.
Are you installing a new 5-Stand, or want to retool your existing 5-Stand? Would you like to add FITASC to your event or club, but are unsure of how to design the parcour? Let us take out the guesswork and provide you with an outstanding 5-Stand and/or FITASC layout.

Shoot Management
If you so desire, we also provide complete shoot management. We will utilize our experience and expertise to provide you with a smoothly run shoot that all of the shooters will enjoy. Our services include:

Course Setting
Final Scoring
Referee Training
Logistical Planning
Awards Ceremony
Trap Rental
Games & Long bird event

We can provide as many automatic traps as necessary for your event, whether you only need a few traps to add to your existing equipment or need enough automatic traps for an entire shoot.

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