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In our personal lessons we talk to you about your goals and then lay out a plan to achieve that goal; which will include practice drills to do at home and on the range.

Whether you’re just starting to shoot a shotgun or an advanced sporting clays shooter we at Break Point Management can make your learning curve easier and more enjoyable.

The personal lessons are focused on the students mechanics – what you’re doing behind the shotgun. Get the line of the target, breakpoint, foot position , hold point, placement to the Target, connection with the Target, visual Target pickup area.

In this sport consistency comes from good mechanics. If one of the above breaks down or is not performed correctly the shot will more often than not be missed. If you want to be more consistent start looking at what your doing behind the shotgun, you will become more consistent and you’re score will reflect that.

You will also learn: Match the speed of the target, see the rings on the target, reading targets and mental training.

Bob is now teaching at Addieville East Farms in Mapleville, RI.  Addieville is set on 1000 acres.  It offers a 15 station sporting clays course with 4  traps per station.  It also offers a 7 station subgauge course, FITASC, 5 stand and a Make-A-Break set up all the time.

Private lessons or group lessons available. Call Bob Mastroianni to schedule a lesson:

413-267-0917 office

413-427-2862 cell

E-mail: bobm.bpmshooting@gmail.com

We are now scheduling lessons at Addieville East Farm in Mapleville, RI and Peacedale Shooting Preserve in Peacedale, Rhode Island and surrounding clubs.

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