Target Reading Clinic

Is your target reading ability holding you back?

In our target reading clinics we will take you out on the course. The first shooter will shoot the station, after the first shooter has shot the targets we will discuss how and where each target was shot and what you can do to make the job easier. The first shooter will then reshoot the station with a new plan so they can see and feel the difference. All of the other shooter will also be able to shoot the station. We will follow this format throughout the course shooting all of the stations. Learning to read what targets are doing and where the “sweet spot” is will help improve your scores.

Target Reading Clinics at:

We are now scheduling clinics at Addieville East Farm in Mapleville, RI and Peacedale Shooting Preserve in Peacedale, Rhode Island and surrounding clubs.

Any questions feel free to call or email me.

413-267-0917 office

413-427-2862 cell